Saturday, May 22, 2010

Skin Care

I don't know about you, but I am always looking for that skincare product that will erase the lines, turn back the clock and make me look 10 years younger....well over the years I have spent a fortune I am sure.  All I have to show for it are more wrinkles and a bunch of half used bottles upstairs in my bathroom.  So, I have been on the hunt for less expensive ways of cleaning and moisturizing my face.

Here's whats been working for me lately.

Lemon Sugar Scrub

Lemons are supposedly very good for your skin, curing many ailments such as acne, age/sun spots, and blackheads.  They contain Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids....mmmm so do $50 face creams!

I am not expert by any stretch of the imagination, but I do know how important exfoliated skin is to having a great,  glowing, healthy looking skin.

First, rinse your face with warm water,  squeeze lemon juice on a cotton pad and sprinkle with sugar.   Then using small circles I rub the cotton pad all of my face and neck.  Be gentle around the eyes, it's delicate around there...and also don't ever forget your's gonna wrinkle too!

Rinse with water, keeping eyes closed....lemon stings!

Pat dry with a towel.

Repeat 1-2 times per week.  Lemon may be too intense for people with sensitive skin, so dilute with water first.

Try to use organic lemons and organic sugar...whatever you use on your skin, will be absorbed by your skin and we are trying to avoid nasty chemicals, so Organic all the way baby!

Next, moisturize.

Pure Organic Coconut Oil

I have been using Organic Coconut Oil.  I bought a jar from Bulk Barn for $8.99.   The jar is about the size of spaghetti sauce.  So it's much larger than any beauty products and much cheaper.  I am sure you can buy it at any Health Food Store too.  Make sure it's pure.....nothing nasty remember.   It's solid and has no scent (I was disappointed, I was hoping for that wonderful coconut scent), but melts to a liquid very quickly in your hot little hands.

I use it all over my face, body and the ends of my hair.  It's awesome.

But please, remember to use sunscreen....because it is oil....and you will fry like an egg in the sun.    Oh and speaking of eggs,  yes,  you can also cook with it.   There are also many benefit to using Coconut Oil in cooking, but I will save that for another day.    If you buy a jar, separate some for cooking and some for your skin care.  Coconut Oil does not go rancid and does not need to be kept in the fridge.

Coconut Oil is also a great make up remover and hair conditioner (applied to dry hair, maybe the night before, then wash as usual the next morning).     So,  do yourself a favour, go out and buy a jar of Coconut Oil's really is a miracle in a jar.  You can thank me later!

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