Thursday, September 16, 2010

Criss Cross Apple Sauce

Yes, today is the day for me to get busy.   

You know, I always consider myself a warm weather, summer type person.  But there is something soothing for the soul about crisp misty mornings, the leaves as they change colour, and the smell of apples cooking in the kitchen.  

These are the things I love about Fall.  

Last weekend I took the boys (and a friend) to the apple orchard.  

This was our 2nd annual trip to the orchard.  We had such a great time last year.  We couldn't wait for the season to come around again.    

The boys picked 27 lbs of apples in no time, and had so much fun!   

I stand by with my camera, trying to get the perfect shot, all the while trying to avoid getting pegged in the head by falling apples!  Which I must say, I am not always successful!

A little sidebar note here, on our way home from the orchard, Ciaran grabbed the biggest apple he could find out of the bag to enjoy on the ride home.  Approximately 4 bites in, he yells from the backseat "my tooth".  

Yes, my baby lost his first tooth!  

This is where I may start to lose it.  

He's my baby.  

Probably  Most definitely, my last, so this is a milestone that makes me a little bit sad. 

Poor little monkey was excited at first, trying to be brave in front of the other boys.  Then all of sudden the water works started.  I guess it didn't help having the other kids tell him he was bleeding!  

Then, with all the panic, he dropped his tooth down the crack in the seats.   

So, we made a quick detour into the Winner's parking lot, a little pre-planning on my part, I mean since we were already there, we may as well just have a quick look, right?   

Well you will all be proud,  probably the first time in the parking lot without going in!  

Yes, I remained strong, for the sake of my kids, coz that's just the kind of mother I am, I am all about the kids!

Anyway, back to the tooth.  We tore the car apart.  Found lots of popcorn, cracker crumbs, toys, candy, papers.  Yes, it is time to clean out my car I'm thinking.   

After all the searching, Connor (our hero) found the tooth.  

All was good in the world again!

Oh, and Ciaran, just so you know, no matter what Connor says,  the tooth fairy will not be bringing you a DSi, or an elephant (what can I say, my kids have a vivid imagination).  

Sorry dude,  you will just have to suffer with $1 like everyone else!!!

Okay back to the apples!!!

So, the bags of apples have been sitting in my garage.  Haunting me, calling my name and begging for attention.  

So, today is all about the apples!!   

Apple sauce, apple pies, and whatever else I can come up with.  

Wish me luck.....I am going in!!

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