Saturday, September 4, 2010

Well the weather has turned for the worst.  It's chilly, dark and gloomy today.  It makes a change from 42 degrees.  However, a little too drastic for my liking.

So, we are back from hockey tryouts, and I am cooking up an Indian feast.  Butter chicken (which has been marinating for over 24 hours), turmeric potatoes, basmati rice, cucumber raita and caramelized onion naan bread.   Oh, and beer!

Yes, for no particular reason, me and my cutie boys are going all out.    Maybe to celebrate that I survived a week from hell.  From dealing with work issues and a potential transfer to BC, to having my car broken into in front of my house.  Yes, while I was out protecting everyone else, no one was protecting me.  MMMM, the irony of that!  

So yes, I am celebrating.  

What are you celebrating today?

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