Monday, November 29, 2010

3 Weeks til Christmas!

I just had to share with you a really great article I just found on one of my favorite sites.

It's all about making the month of December a little easier for the master chef in your house, which would be me, in this case.  See how I manage to make things all about me!

The concept is you make a meal, double the recipe and freeze the second one to have on another day in December.  That way, when real life takes over and you are busy running from Christmas concerts, to hockey practice to volleyball tournaments to hockey games, to work, to the mall, there will be no excuse for 'take-out'.

Then the only thing you will need to do is remember to 'take-out' your already prepared meal from the freezer!

Keep the recipes simple, and comforting, like chili and stew.

Essentially you will cook for a week or two and eat for a month!

That, my friend, sounds like a great plan to me.

Here's the link:  if you want to see for yourself how it's done.

I will be posting my version, once I get around to figuring out my menu.

Oh and by the way, the Kraft challenge was a bit of a flop.  Not only did it cost quite a bit more, but the recipes weren't all that great.

Some did pass the "picky person" test.    However, the rest of us had to suffer a bit.

I did however, like the lunch ideas.

I think I have mentioned before how much I can't stand making lunches.

If I haven't mentioned it before, I can't stand making lunches!


  1. :) at the last sentence.
    I cook every day, we do hot lunches and light cold dinners and it is always hard to come up with something interesting.
    Love the idea of freezing food, we do it time to time as well when we have leftovers.
    Are you ready for December daily, Carla? :)

  2. Getting nervous Gabi, how about you?

  3. I bought few more papers and haven't had a chance to add them there so I'm not ready at all, lol. But I don't mind. I will be printing my photos in Costco and we are going to CR before Christmas so I know I will be finishing the album in January anyway ;) So no useless stress about deadlines etc for me at all :)
    I can't wait to see yours!!