Wednesday, November 17, 2010

So it's Wednesday.  It's payday.  Which means the dreaded trip to the grocery store.   Hubby's turn! 

Actually, going to buy groceries doesn't bother me as much as unloading groceries.

I really don't enjoy that job!!

Anyway, for this weeks menu, since I am lacking in inspiration, I thought I would cheat, a lot, and print off  one of the 1 bag, 5 meal wonders from the Kraft Canada website.  

I haven't done this before, usually because I am not a fan of pre-packaged foods.  I prefer to make everything from scratch.

That said, this week is an experiment.  Not only to save money, but also to test my family.   Little do they know they are going to be part of this little experiment.  

That is, is it worth spending a ton of money, a ton of time in the kitchen preparing something fancy for a 5 year old to have a hissy fit every single night.  I am thinking Mac and Cheese it is!

Well actually, it is a bit better than Mac and Cheese.

Here's the menu for dinner and lunches (there's a 1 bag, 5 lunches menu too).


Asian Beef Stir Fry - Chopped salad (should go over well with Ciaran, who am I kidding???)


Homemade pizza - Cheddar-Veg. tortillas for lunch






Garlic Steak and Onions - Cheddar and chicken club for lunch


Pork Medallions with Cranberry Stuffing - hot lunch at school (man, I love this day)


Mediterranean Chicken - Italian Sub Sandwiches for lunch

I can't wait to see how much this costs.  I will be picking up staples like eggs, butter, bread, milk, fruit and egg whites (can't live without those). 

Remember $200 is the budget.  

I think I will do well this week.  

I will let you know.  

Oh, and I am going to be making Cranberry Bliss Bars too, you know....the ones from Starbucks!!  

Can't wait, I love them!

Nothing says Christmas to me more than a Cranberry Bliss Bar and a Gingerbread Latte, ah.....heaven!!!

Hope you find a little piece of heaven today!

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