Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's hot, damn hot, so hot I think I am melting.  I love it though...not the melting part, but the heat.   I really should be living in California!  

Are you looking for a great tasting way to keep hydrated during this heat wave?  Here's a recipe for Sassy Water.   It's from the Flat Belly Diet.  Not sure if it will help you lose weight, but it does taste great and will remind you of being at the Spa.

Sassy Water

2 quarts of water
Half of an English cucumber
Freshly grated ginger
6-12 leaves of fresh mint
Lemon (optional)

All of the above quantities can be altered to your taste.

Fill a large pitcher with water, add cucumber, mint and ginger.  Let it sit over night and enjoy throughout the following day.

It's so refreshing, you'll love it!  Let me know if you end up with a Flat Belly because of it!

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