Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Alrighty, so in light of all the rain we had this past weekend, and the fact that my son's hockey season ended Saturday.  We took the opportunity on Sunday to have a family outing to the movies.  My parents, the boys and myself made a last minute decision to see Marmaduke.  

We rushed to the theatre with minutes to spare.  Looked like everyone had the same idea that day.  It was packed.  Half the self-ticketing machines were broken.  The lines up for refreshments had at least 30 or more people and to top it all off.....the butter machines were clogged.  Not sure if you have been to a movie lately, but the butter machines are do it yourself....awesome if they ever worked!!!!!   

Anyway, we got our seats, popcorn in hand, just in time for the previews.  

Now to the feature presentation.  Marmaduke.  According to the Ottawa Citizen newspaper, their critic gave it 1 out of 5....I am thinking they weren't too far wrong.  However, there were some cute, funny parts and my kids seemed to like it.  So I would bump it up to a 2 out of 5.   It's a rental!

MMMM, I am noticing a pattern here......rental, rental, rental....yup that's 3 movies I have said should be rentals....and yet my total spent at these movies is now, what?   over $200.....sheesh.  Will I ever learn?

Oh well, it was a fun family outing after all and that's what counts.  

It was either Marmaduke, or  ziplining with my dad....in the pouring rain.......woohoo Marmaduke!


  1. How is Ma & Pa? My love to all

    Neet x

  2. We are all doing well. Just gearing up for a big garage sale this weekend, with all proceeds going to Breast Cancer! Everything will be perfectly pink!!!

    Love you too,