Thursday, September 2, 2010

Well helllloooo!

Yes, I am back.  It's been a long time!  I know, but a girl needs a little California sun every once in awhile. I took a little vacation to see my parents in San Diego.  I know,  I know, poor me...well you can kinda feel sorry for me, I did have my kids with me.  Yes, you heard correctly, feel sorry for me.  My kids were a tad out of sorts.  Oh hell, why sugar coat it, they were monsters.  Unless a swimming pool was involved, then they were little angels. Yes, as long as they were busy they were fine.    The car trips were the worst, what with fighting, shouting, whining, tattling, and tears (but those were from me in the front seat).   Getting to where we were going was a bit nightmarish.  Anyway, in hindsight, it was a great holiday, but as usual, way too short.

We enjoyed dinner with friends the first weekend.  Plenty of kids, some great Indian food, a Hannah Montana wig and the Cuban shuffle.  Guess you had to be there!    What a wonderful way to begin.

Then the following weekend, me and my cupcakes, the cups, the girls, ma peeps (minus 3) headed to Vegas for our 2nd annual trip.   The road trip there was hillarious.  Me and Traci in the back.  Mum driving and Lisa (recovering from surgery) in the front, feet up on the dash and all.   We stopped every hour so Lisa could "circulate".  We stopped for Nuts & Fudge in a sleepy little town (tumbleweeds and all).    Where the shopkeeper "wouldn't know about that".     All Traci wanted to know was if there was happiness in every bottle and if he liked fudge on his nuts.

We arrived in Vegas, pulled up in front of the gorgeous Palazzo hotel.  We had 21 bags for Mr. Bellboy.  That's not bad really, 4 girls, 3 nights = 21 bags.

Before I go any further, this was not a wild trip to Vegas, as you may all be expecting.  It was, however a wonderful "bonding" trip to Vegas.  It was just a great way for us all to be together.  Shaelagh flew in from Calgary the first night.  So the 5 of us girls,  were just able to enjoy our time together.

The first night was an early one.  I think we were all in bed by 1030.  Yes, you heard me 1030....and that was PM not AM.

We had a great breakfast by the pool the next day, sat at a private pool all day.   Saw "The Situation", Jersey Shore fans will know who I mean.

Night time brought about one of my favorite parts of my entire trip.  Lady GaGA.....yes, she was performing at the MGM Grand that night and I was lucky enough to go with Shaelagh.  Traci decided at the last minute she didn't care to go, so I was forced.  I had no choice.  Any of you would do the same for a friend!

It was fantastic!  She is amazing!

Saturday was a pool day again.  Saw David Spade, aka the loser, wandering around the pool.    Cupcakes, Bloody Mary's and Chocolate....oh and a little couldn't be better!

The night was spent walking around with Shaelagh checking out all the different hotels.    We walked and talked, and had a little drink or two....mostly two.

Oh, and we did a little gambling.  It was a lot of fun and I actually walked away from Vegas, $42 ahead.   Oh except I still owe my mum for the Lady Gaga ticket, oh, and my share of the room.  So actually I am in the hole, as usual.  Just when you think your ahead!

So where are we going next year Cupcakes??

Where were my kids during all this you ask.  My darling daddy took them camping with my dear friend Ali and her family.  Thank God for Ali.  Not sure my dad could have coped on his own.  She says he was very good, but I think she is being polite.

The rest of our days were spent with Judith at her pool, Lisa at her pool, eating, making marshmallows (my breast cancer fundraising idea),  a visit to Seaworld, a visit to the Wild Animal Park, eating, Ali at her pool,  beach walks, a 6 mile training walk, and my best part, get won't be expecting this from me....are you ready?

Camping.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  I loved camping.  Now already some of you are's California, that's not really camping.  Well, it my kind of camping.  Warm, beachy, sleeping in a VW van.  Oh yes, THE  VAN.  Her name is Vanna White ( she's a van and she's white)  she's haunted or has a mind of her own however you want to look at it.  But you can't help but love here and she causes quite a stir wherever she goes.   If, she gets there!!!  We had one break down....and one journey home, chugging and jerking along the highway.  It was another Smith Expedition for the books!

Connor tended to the fire, while Ciaran dug for fossils.    

The weekend was filled with great food, great conversation, wonderful drinks, and the best view ever!!!  It will probably be my only chance to ever have waterfront property.

Good times and memories that will last forever.    It's a shame my poor husband missed out on all this, but little does he know....we're buying a camper!!!

Like they say, all good things must come to an end.  Our trip ended the way it began, with great friends, a lot of Bubbly,  and some amazing Indian food.  Thanks Shae and Geraldine for a wonderful evening!

Within a few hours of being home it was back to the hockey rink and back to work.  It's amazing how quickly the tan fades and the past 3 weeks, fade into memories.  Just sitting there waiting for you to bring the memories back whenever you need a smile.

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