Friday, October 1, 2010

12 Weeks til Christmas

Can you believe it?

12 Weeks until Christmas.

That can't be right.

What's really wrong here, is that I am already thinking Christmas, when we haven't even had Halloween yet.

Oh well, that's just me!  There's no hope.  Believe me, people have tried....I am a lost cause.

I just can't help myself,  I feel Christmassy.

That said,  we've got a lot of baking and crafting to do in 12 short weeks.

I will help you stock your freezer, and show you how to make your own Christmas cards.

I will also be following Ali Edwards, my favorite crafter!

Check her out at,  you will see why I love her so.  She will soon become your favorite too.

Each year she does her December Daily album.

I did my first one last year and can't wait to get started again this year.

The album captures all the craziness memories, the month of December brings.  

Lots of fun stuff to do, so we had better get busy.

I will be doing one recipe full of sweet, buttery goodness, each week to get you all ready for when the big guy comes to town.

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