Friday, October 1, 2010

One of my favorite TV shows these days is Anna & Kristina's Grocery Bag.

The idea behind the show is they review a certain cookbook, make several recipes out of the cookbook and then try to impress a chef with what they have cooked.  They rate the cookbook, based on how easy the recipes were to follow and taste.  Then they give their opinions on whether it's worth buying or not.

I love this show!

So I have decided to do something similar myself.

Since I am trying to feed 2 growing hockey players, one foodie, and one professional horseback rider.

We need lots of food, but it's costing a fortune.

Most of you know, I love food, I love talking about food, I love shopping for food.  I love preparing food!


I am going to try to do things on the cheap and see how I make out.

This may even mean I resort to coupons (eek!).  Or even, searching through flyers (double eek) !

I will provide you with the menu for the week, where the recipes came from, how much they cost, oh and whether or not you should spend your hard earned cash making it yourself or just get take-out!

This little project will start Monday.

Until then, spend all the money you want, eat whatever you want and enjoy your weekend!

Oh, and by the way, we have six hockey practices/games, plus one tournament in the next 7 days, so this week it's going to be all about quick and easy, make ahead food.

Sorry boys, no Roast Beef and Yorkshires this week!

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