Friday, October 15, 2010

I realize I am a bit late posting the menu for this week, since it's already Friday.

I also completely skipped over last weekend it.  

It was Thanksgiving and I am sure most of you were having turkey dinner anyway.

So for this week,  I went for groceries on Tuesday and spent $128 at Farm Boy and another $58 at Sobeys.

I guess I didn't do too badly considering it's already Friday and I am in the process of making all my meals for the weekend.

I will have to make one trip this weekend to pick up more fruit and maybe some eggs, and then I think we will be good until payday!

Okay so here is the menu for this week and I will post photos and recipes in a bit

Week 2 Menu


Beef Enchiladas served with Spanish rice


Grilled chicken with tomato and basil penne


Leftovers with a big salad!


Homemade pizza (we always have pizza and a movie on Friday)  

I am in the kitchen all day today preparing our weekend meals which consist of:


Bacon wrapped meatloaf and mashed potatoes


Beef  (already cooking in the crock pot, with a splash of red wine), served with Yorkshires, and mashed turnip and potatoes...mixed together to trick my picky eater!

I am also making Butternut squash ravioli from scratch today (using wonton wrappers).

Its a first for me, so I will be sure to let you know how they turn out.

This will be a time consuming project and just might freeze the ravioli until we need them.

Yes, that's what I will do, because I think, even for us, we will have plenty to eat to get us through the weekend.

Butternut Squash ravioli can be on the menu for Mondays dinner!!

Stay tuned!

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