Thursday, October 14, 2010

Thursday I had run out of steam.  I needed a quick dinner with absolutely no prep work.

So, out came the crock pot.

Yes, the good old fashioned crock pot.

In went the pork loin and half a bottle of BBQ sauce.

BBQ pulled pork sandwiches.  

Dinner done!!

No photos for this one.

As for dessert,  I figured I should do something!

I had a fresh pineapple that was begging to be eaten.

So, I chopped it up into spears.

Rolled it in brown sugar

Then introduced it to my panini grill.

Drizzle with homemade chocolate sauce.


Chocolate Sauce

1/4 cup of whipping cream (heated in the microwave, don't overheat)  
A handful of chocolate chips
Stir until melted


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