Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

My day started with Ciaran waking me up by yelling "surprise" about 2 inches from my face. Does he not realize I am older now?? The old ticker can't take that kinda thing anymore! It was followed by breakfast in all was forgiven.

Here's hoping all you yummy mummies out there get some extra special treatment today! All you boys out there, treat your momma's well.

We are headed to a movie, since the weather is so horrible. Yes, there is actually a windchill today of minus 6. Does Mother Nature not know that it's May????

I have a pork loin rib roast, slowly roasting in the oven. It should be ready by the time we get home. It smells great already! It's the perfect day for comfort food.

I will post photos and the recipe a little later.

Have a great day mummies!!!

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