Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I just want to say how happy I am to have my mom here.   We went for our first walk in preparation for the 3 day walk for breast cancer.  We walked and talked for 6 miles, which also included a stop at Starbucks!  It was a great afternoon.

Okay, so as promised LOBSTER.  It has to be on of my favorite foods.  Lucky for me Farm Boy grocery store has 1 lb Lobster on sale right now for $4.98 each.  That is pretty much half price, so who am I to question, or resist.

These lobsters are cooked already so,
grab a large pot, put an inch of water in the bottom and plenty of salt.  (It should taste like ocean water).  Bring to a boil and place the lobsters in the pot.  
Boil only for 5 minutes just to warm through....and you're ready for a feast.
Follow the above steps for live lobster too, be sure to place them head first in your pot.
Get the lid on fast to prevent losing all your steam and in case any of the lobsters try to make a run for it!
Steam for approximately 15 minutes.

Now,  let's talk butter.  Oyes, let's!

You have to have butter!  Drawn or clarified butter preferably.
In order to get this delectable butter, you must first bring the butter to a boil, but take your time, do this slowly,  you don't want to brown the butter.
You will notice foam forming on top, you can skim that off with a spoon.
After about 15 minutes the milk solids from the butter will sink to the bottom and what you are left with is a beautiful golden oil.  You can use a cheesecloth or strainer to strain the oil from the milk solids.  Prior to straining I put a teaspoon of crashed garlic in my butter.  This will get strained out with the milk solids, but the flavor will remain.

I pour the drawn (or clarified) butter in individual dishes ready for dipping.  This way you can double dip til your hearts content.

Crack open using kitchen shears or a nutcrackers.

Make sure to save all the shells and boil them to make stock.    I made Lobster Bisque and put it in the freezer for later.

Going back to Farm Boy tomorrow to buy some more, perhaps I will see you there!


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