Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Ali Edwards

So, Ali Edwards.

She is a graphic designer who lives in Oregon and she is amazing.  I love her work!  I love how simple her projects are.  Simple in they way they look, perhaps clean is a better way of describing it.

I love scrap booking, but hate all the frills.  I want my photos to tell the story not stickers and buttons and frilly stuff.

Ali Edwards does just that.  She does hybrid scrap booking, which interests me.  Meaning that she does digital scrap booking, as well as the regular type using paper and glue.

Anyway, she always has great photos, stories, downloads of her new designs, workshops, tutorials and lots of inspiration.

One of her projects was a downloadable, self paced class for making a Halloween Mini Album.  I love the concept of a mini album.  I actually did this and managed to get my book completed within a week of the event.  

It's also not so daunting of a task, keeping it small and simple.

The downside I have found it seeing something amazing that Ali creates, wanting to replicate it exactly, but unable to find the supplies here in Canada.....why, why, why!!!

I believe she buys things online, but it seems as soon as she mentions it on her website, it sells out!!!

So, you may have to get creative.  I couldn't find the album Ali used for her Halloween Mini, so I made my own.

I cut cardboard the size I wanted, painted it black, 2 coats of mod podge and a metallic cobweb, 2 binder rings and lined it with patterned paper.  There you have it....an album.

Using everything I had laying around in my basement.

The album consists of 2 pages for journalling, 40 photos, and 20 transparency pages.

The transparency pages were hard to find.  

Ali uses Hambly transparencies.  They are sturdy and not floppy.   They cost $25 to ship 4 sheets to Canada, if buying online....ah....not going to happen.

So I got creative and sewed 2 regular sheets together with a sticker or saying or something in between.  Once again stuff from my basement.

Anyway, here are a few photos of my album and the link if you wish to purchase the download from Ali to make your own.

Let me know if you have any questions, or would like to see more of my album.


Next up:  Advent calendar

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