Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Just back from Physio and I must say I am finally seeing an improvement.

I have good days and bad, which they assure me is perfectly normal.

You see, I am nursing an injury from a car accident that occurred in 1993.

This chronic pain in my neck (literally) has been 18 years in the making.

Recently, this pain has pretty much consumed me in every way possible, so it was time to deal with it, again

Today we ventured into the world of Acupuncture.

Acupuncture rocks!

I am not afraid of needles, so that's the first hurdle over with.

However there is something a tad "off putting" about someone sticking them in your head.

Plus a "not" so great experience with this ancient technique has left me a little apprehensive.

However,  desperate times called for desperate measures, and today was the day to suck it up!

Let me back track for a moment and tell you a little story from my past, because I know you're dying to know about my not so great experience right?

One weekend, while visiting my parents in Vancouver, back in 1998, I decided that it was time again to address this little issue of mine.

Me and my dad got in the car and drove to Vancouver's downtown east side (East Hastings to be exact).

He had heard from a friend of a highly recommended Acupuncturist, known to cure just about anything, even Cancer.

We arrived at the location and found the tiniest little store front.

It was like we had stepped back in time and found ourselves in ancient China.

We stepped in and were surrounded by bottles and jars from floor to ceiling containing leaves and roots and strange looking plants.

It was dark, and had a strange medicinal smell.

We slowly walked to the center of the store and were greeted by a little man wearing a white lab coat.

He pointed for me to enter a room at the back of the store which was separated by a curtain hanging in the doorway.

When I went into the room it was like I was back in 1998 again.

Everything was white and clean and sterile.   Completely different from the other room.

My dad waited in the other room for me,  I often wondered what he did in the there as he waited.

Before I knew it I had needles in my hands, my head, my neck and my shoulders.

Hundred's of them, thousands maybe.

Things were good, until the little man in the white lab coat decided to wiggle each needle, making sure they were hitting each trigger point just so.

I began to howl, and whine and just couldn't take it anymore.

My dad barged through the curtain to see what the little man was doing to me and told him to stop.

Before I knew it, the needles were out and I was laying on my back, eyes closed and feeling dizzy.

I opened my eyes to find the little man hands were hovering about a foot over my body, in circular motions.

The faster he moved,  the dizzier I became.

This went on for several minutes and then he stopped.

He nodded and pointed me to the door.

My treatment was finished.

No more dizziness, no more neck, head or shoulder pain.

Like a miracle, I was cured.

I guess it really wasn't a bad experience, because the end result was relief and comfort.

Lets just call it a strange experience.

Anyway, I am back at it, since, in all my years, it really is the only thing that worked!

So there you have it, my long winded story of why I think Acupuncture rocks!


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  1. I'm glad you've found something which is helping you.
    And what an experience! I've never tried acupuncture before but would love to try it one day just to know what it is all about. Hope everything else is going well! xoxo